Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tithal Beach

The view of Tithal Beach

Couple enjoying the sunset view

The scenic beauty of Tithal beach

Tithal Beach

Tithal beach is one of the most striking beaches in Gujarat, India. It is situated at the distance of 5 km from the town of Valsad and 108 km away from Surat. Overlooking the Arabian Sea, It is the most starring attraction for tourist in the Valsad-the coastal region.

Tithal beach has its own extraordinary sight that you will locate during your visit of this remarkable state. Tithal beach is not rocky as other beaches in Gujarat but sandy and flat. The one main important about its sand to notice that sands of this beach are not as usually seems at beach like golden or white, but it’s seems black in colored.

The other majestic attractions for visitors are the famous temple of Shree Sai Baba of Shirdi and Shree Swami Narayan which increases its beauty. In large range of devotees prefer flock here to the Tithal beach for offering their prayers at these grand temples.

Tithal beach offers a wealth of tourist attractions, moreover its awesome scenic beauty. The naturally changed Tithal beach is looked like exotic that it has become one of the major attractions of Gujarat. Numerous tourists prefer to visit and take breath deeply here only.

Tithal beach has become the most favorite place as it offers so many attractions. Surfing, swimming, parasailing, diving and fishing are major attractive features of Tithal beach. It is a pleasure for all who have the passion for outing at sea as they can feel very cool by dipping here.

Most of the people have craze to gaze at the natural beauty and magnificence. Tithal beach is same as we love to have a sight look of this beach so people from near this place enjoy that scenery by standing on the broad pathway which is mostly populated with pedestrians and bicyclists.

This splendor beach side is heavily exploded with a grave tourism from the last many years. So this beach side has gone under the processes of renovation to give a better look. The government of India has given the fund for the development of this area due to its popularity and attractiveness with local and also foreign tourists.

As Tithal beach is very pristine and stunning, tourist will like to visit this place again.

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